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3 Critical Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility in 2015

Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility in 2015

It’s no surprise that enterprise mobility is huge and growing.

By providing remote employees with real-time access to corporate information and work processes, enterprises are experiencing unprecedented benefits – including increased employee productivity and satisfaction, improved customer service, and reduced costs. These benefits are fueling the global adoption of enterprise mobility in organizations across a wide variety of industries. In 2014, enterprise devices worldwide increased by 72 percent. In 2015, the number of global remote employees is expected to surpass 1.3 billion.

However, the growth in mobility is also introducing new and complex challenges for enterprises. More devices and mobile employees equal more time and resources needed to properly manage the entire mobile environment – a daunting task for IT departments that are already overextended.

Today, we’re taking a look at the three main challenges facing enterprise mobility in 2015, along with how enterprise IT departments can overcome them:

  1. Security

Forty percent of large enterprises do not secure their mobile apps, and fifty percent don’t have a portion of their budget set aside for mobile security efforts.

Security is perhaps the biggest challenge facing enterprise mobility in 2015. This is because mobile devices are inherently vulnerable and give attackers direct access to the corporate network, sensitive data, passwords, and personal information. A comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy can overcome this challenge by providing a much-needed level of security while enabling productivity. We recommend embracing a solution that delivers full visibility into when and how corporate data is being accessed, and which can enforce policies for various apps, users, and scenarios.

  1. Real-time access to data

To be productive and make informed decisions, the mobile workforce needs full access to corporate data in real-time. The main challenge is providing mobile employees with the access they need in a way that doesn’t put the organization at risk. To meet this demand, we recommend providing mobile employees with secure, centralized file-sharing capabilities over which IT has complete control and visibility.

  1. Running an effective mobile application program

Enterprise applications have the potential to be incredibly beneficial. When implemented correctly, they enhance employee productivity by more than 34 percent, deliver improved customer service, and give the enterprise a competitive edge.

However, many organizations struggle to run an effective program. According to recent reports, 45 percent of IT departments currently fail business expectations when it comes to enterprise applications. The main issues cited are quality of the apps, budget issues, minimal business impact, and the amount of time required to develop and maintain them. To overcome these challenges, organizations need to make sure their EMM solution provides ongoing assistance in managing their mobile app program, thus ensuring security, performance, and productivity.

3 Critical Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility in 2015 was last modified: December 18th, 2015 by Josh Laur