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The Challenge

With plans for future growth, Hospice of Waterloo Region needed to review existing costs and service plans to ensure that the most cost effective and scalable options were being used. ProfitPoint was engaged to determine if the existing carrier, plan size and pricing was the best choice in comparison to other options available. The criteria for the review was that there be no downgrading of services and no chance of service interruptions if there were any changes.


The Solution

ProfitPoint was able to work with Hospice to get details of the current contracts for cell phone service and review their utilization and costs against other plans and options. With no change in carrier and no service disruption, ProfitPoint negotiated new terms that improved the plan by increasing total minutes and data limits while reducing costs overall. A total savings of more than $200 per month was achieved within 30 days.



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  • We had a need to review our cell plans for some time without having the internal staff time or detailed knowledge to know exactly what was available. ProfitPoint was able to do an excellent job in a short time period and provided significant savings for us, allowing us to invest more into our programs for clients. I would recommend ProfitPoint for any organization.
    Judy Nairn, Executive Director