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The Challenge

Reitzel Insulation were in need of phone upgrades at a reasonable cost and that met the organization's needs. It was important that the overall communication costs would be reduced while maintaining the level of service that they currently utilize. As Reitzel's main form of communication is through cellular phones, it was paramount that there would be no service interruption throughout the process.


The Solution

The first step was to uncover Reitzel's needs to develop the ideal solution. Once uncovered, ProfitPoint began the negotiation process to reduce overall costs by 24% while securing $1,200 in credits to be applied to new phone pricing or future service. Reitzel now has a customized cell phone package that is perfectly suited to their needs.



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  • I can definitely say that I'd recommend ProfitPoint to anyone. They were able to secure almost $300 a month in savings while adding more value to our account! Their knowledge and expertise is exactly what we needed to ensure we were getting the best bang for our buck. Thanks ProfitPoint for a job well done!
    Lou George, Owner