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The Challenge

The Greater Kitchener / Waterloo Chamber of Commerce experienced challenges that were becoming increasingly difficult to manage. After a request for proposal was sent out to PPC and several of ProfitPoint's competitors, the KW Chamber awarded PPC to complete a full analysis of their communication services and to implement any necessary improvements while reducing the overall cost.


The Solution

PPC's skilled team of analysts & negotiators went to work reviewing the different options available for a corporate client such as the KW Chamber. They completed their due-diligence process and lowered the rates while improving on features & benefits. The KW Chamber of Commerce saved $16,884 over the savings period that was negotiated through ProfitPoint Communications.



  • Cell Phone

  • Internet

  • We were extremely pleased with the results ProfitPoint Communications provided. We are now savings 37% off our cellular and internet services for the next 36 months. We are proud to have chosen ProfitPoint to optimize our communication services, all without switching providers!
    Lester Holley, VP of Finance