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Managing Mobility: Tips to Save Costs and Streamline Processes

Managing Mobility Tips to Save Costs

Enterprise mobility has become a priority across industries, in large part due to the added productivity available using mobile technologies. In a survey conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, 44 percent of companies reported that they already have a mobile strategy in place, while an additional 20 percent are in the third stage of implementation. Businesses that fail to invest in mobile technologies now will fall further behind the competition later down the road.

The Future of Enterprise Mobility

App investment should be at the top of the list for forward-thinking companies. Apps allow businesses to put a variety of processes into a convenient and easily accessed platform, streamlining workflow and reducing wasted time among employees. File sharing and collaboration tools are the most common applications, due to the productivity increases available through these tools. Another major enterprise mobility trend is the move toward “bring your own device” (BYOD). BYOD policies have caused a major shift in how enterprise businesses approach mobile technology management.

Overcoming Cost Barriers for Mobile Technology

The biggest barrier facing companies who are just implementing the shift to mobile technology is the cost. Hardware costs can be defrayed by using a BYOD policy, but that does leave increased costs on the management side. BYOD means that a business must support multiple operating systems. Security is another major issue. Proprietary data loss can kill the bottom line for a business. The solution to some of these costs could be as simple as engaging mobility management services.

Using Third-Party Mobility Management Services

Managing multiple platforms and OS updates internally can push an IT budget through the roof. By bringing in a third-party provider, companies can help keep those costs low. Yes, working with an outside vendor adds a line to the IT budget, but these providers already work across a variety of OS platforms, so they have the infrastructure in place at no additional cost. Of course, there are savings to be realized with the switch to mobile. Printing costs could virtually disappear with digital documents and instant transmission. Using a mobility management service provider also minimizes employee time on oversight. Since the vendor will handle over the air updates and resource management, IT departments can focus on other aspects of a technology plan, such as security concerns.

Managing Mobility: Tips to Save Costs and Streamline Processes was last modified: December 18th, 2015 by Josh Laur