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Dollars in Savings


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The Challenge

With unique cellular needs, it's extremely difficult to manage the account effectively. Without being aware of customized packages that can be made available, Medicalis was overspending and occurring overages on a monthly basis.


The Solution

After identifying Medicalis's unique needs, PPC was able to negotiate a customized solution that was tailored to the client. Additional features, data and NA roaming
options were now made available to Medicalis. This customized solution saved the client just under $50,000.00 over the savings period.



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  • We were hesitant to try ProfitPoint because we thought their premise was to good too be true. But we are so happy that we tried their services. They were able to cut our cell phone costs in half and save our company over $49,000. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. I would highly recommend that your business take advantage of their services.
    Andrea Wilson, Controller