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How Small Business Owners Cut Costs to Drive More Profit

How Small Business Owners Cut Costs to Drive More Profit   “I’ve already looked into several ways to cut my business expenses. I feel like costs are still high, however can’t seem to drive down costs further. Any suggestions?” Focusing on reducing a few essential services can be a powerful tool to drive down your [...]

Three simple steps to determine if you’re paying too much on telecom

telecom cost management
A successful business depends on two main factors – its ability to generate revenue and the strategy of cutting costs, these factors are interlinked. This means that if your business is successful and is generating great revenues but the business costs are not wisely measured, then hard-earned profit will be wasted on paying bills, which [...]

8 Ways To Optimize Your Telecom Expense & Drive Profit in 2016

telecom expense management
Every business today uses IT and telecom in some form or other. Managing their expenses is the real challenge. Have you ever realized the significance of telecom in your business and the need for having a good telecom expense management strategy? The New Year has already begun and there’s no better time than now to [...]

Gartner’s $1.6 Trillion in Telecom Expenses Forecast Highlights Need for Advanced Analytics

Telecom Expenses Forecast Highlights Need for Advanced Analytics
Telecom expenses represent a massive portion of the IT budget, with Gartner forecasting $1.6 trillion in telecom expenses with a 1.6% growth rate last year. Wireline and wireless telecom services are the lifeblood of today’s business world, but the proliferation of communication channels such as voice, mobile, and others, increases both costs and management complexity. [...]

How IoT is Disrupting Traditional IT Management

The internet of things IOT
Many are calling the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) the next Industrial Revolution poised to disrupt all facets of our daily lives. From Amazon’s Prime Air program that employs connected drones for local, small order deliveries to popular home automation products like the Nest Smart Thermostat, commercial IoT offerings are already seeing widespread [...]

3 Critical Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility in 2015

Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility in 2015
It’s no surprise that enterprise mobility is huge and growing. By providing remote employees with real-time access to corporate information and work processes, enterprises are experiencing unprecedented benefits – including increased employee productivity and satisfaction, improved customer service, and reduced costs. These benefits are fueling the global adoption of enterprise mobility in organizations across a [...]

The Undeniable Benefits of SIP Trunking for Telecom

Benefits of SIP Trunking for Telecom
Enterprises are perpetually faced with top down initiatives to lower cost and leverage new technology through network migration. The trend today is migrating to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and other converged IP services. To do so, IT and Telecom departments need to be armed with detailed information to make informed decisions about their network to increase [...]

Managing Mobility: Tips to Save Costs and Streamline Processes

Managing Mobility Tips to Save Costs
Enterprise mobility has become a priority across industries, in large part due to the added productivity available using mobile technologies. In a survey conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, 44 percent of companies reported that they already have a mobile strategy in place, while an additional 20 percent are in the third stage of implementation. Businesses [...]

What are the Benefits of Telecom Expense Management (TEM)?

Benefits of Telecom Expense Management
Telecom expense management (TEM) is the oversight and management of voice, data, and mobile spending. It allows companies of all sizes to control costs and optimize their communications budget. Why is TEM such a sought-after solution? The reality is that many companies waste resources and overspend on their telecom expenses. TEM is a proven and [...]

How to calculate your cancellation fees with your wireless provider

The CRTC’s wireless code came into effect on December 2, 2013. The Code limits the early cancellation fees that wireless service providers can charge. The following questions will help you better understand these fees and how they may affect you. 1. Did you get a new device or sign a new wireless contract on or [...]