The advent of smartphones, tablets, and laptops has resulted in a plethora of applications and content being available to users at their finger tips. As a result, users have transformed the way they interact with online data and applications. They deal with mobile devices in their daily lives, and now expect the same convenience and experience at their workplaces as well. As every organization has to monitor all the mobile devices that enter the workplace every day, the need for mobility management is increasing.An organization can certainly meet this demand without compromising on its own privacy and data security.

Mobile Device Management – MDM is the ultimate security solution to organizations looking for monitoring, management, and security of mobile devices of their workforce.

However, not every organization can address the mobility management requirements on its own; and this is where you need an expert. ProfitPoint Communicationsspecializes in Mobile Device Management, and provides custom solutions to businesses of varied sizes. We provide end-to-end MDM solutions to safeguard your data and privacy. With the implementation of the appropriate MDM strategy, you can manage and control data access, in addition to achieving device management across the entire organization.

Our teamaddresses the expenses, security risks, and complex management challenges associated with adopting a mobile network that traditional IT tools alone cannot deal with.In order to support various mobile devices,our mobile device management solutionsprovide the visibility and control IT needs.

Monitor Your Mobile Devices; Stay Up-to-date

Our MDMsolutions allow ITdepartments to manage and secure mobile devices across various platforms. We provide secure corporate email, certificate-based security, automatic device configuration, and selective set of enterprise data to both user-owned and corporate devices.

We simplify MDM with fast development, control, and comprehensive visibility that span across multiple mobile devices and their applications.

Mobile Device Management Features

  • Securely managed mobile devices across multiple OS including Android, iOS, and Windows mobile
  • A simple and intuitive single management console enabling IT organizations to establish mobile network security policies
  • E-mail, Wi-Fi, and VPN configuration
  • E-mail attachment protection so that the corporate information is secure and doesn’t get leaked into any employee’s personal email
  • Advanced reporting system benefiting IT administrators with operational intelligence solutions. This helps in maintaining and managing the posture, the use of mobile devices, and other applications globally
  • Selective wipe & restore application that helps in restoring or removing organization-related information. Ensure the personal data of end user is kept intact and end user privacy is maintained

How MDM Solution Can Help Your Business

While MDM intends to optimize functionality and security of all the mobile devices used within an organization, it simultaneously protects the network. It offers multiple benefits including technical, operational, and financial advantages.

Simplified IT management with a single роrtаl that monitors and controls the entire mobile operation

Implementation of the роlісу thаt bаlаnсеѕ both, your business’s security and рrоduсtіvіtу

Cost reduction while supporting mobile workers and maintaining control over mobile devices

Embrace Customized MDM Solutions to Increase Profits

ProfitPoint Communications offers MDM solutions specific to your business requirements. Based on our market experience, we develop a solution uniquely for you keeping in mind the budget of your organization. Once you approvethe solution, we work with the chosen provider to make sure it is implemented properly.

If you need help in implementing the right MDM solution in your organization, get in touch with us.