Stop overspending on your telecommunication bills!

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Many companies struggle to keep their telecom expenses under control, simply because they don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to manage it properly.

This is what we do!

With technology trends in constant flux and IT complexity growing at impeccable pace, an appropriate telecom expense management solution has become a necessity for organizations. TEM primarilymanages your voice, data, and wireless environment with the intent of reducing cost and risk. However, though it is meant to reduce telecom expenses, it also has the potential to manage most aspects of enterprise mobility such as inventory, procurement, ordering, support, and fulfillment.

TEM Must Be on Your Radar

  • Managed telecommunications expenses help companies get the most out of their telecom infrastructure
  • It ultimately improves overall business processes
  • TEM specifically improves your bottom line with significant savings, or shall we say, PROFIT!

ProfitPoint Communications offers the best solution to address unrestrained telecom expenses. With extensive experience in working with a wide clientele, we analyze your business needs and provide what best suits your organization. Our team of expert consultants and TEM specialists thoroughly analyze your monthly bills, contracts, equipment, and usage. While we are committed to optimize your telecom expenses, we help you identify the savings source and reduce the overall company costs.

The Anatomy of Our TEM Solution

  • We build an accurate real-time inventory for your needs
  • We conduct a thorough audit of all your telecom bills for overcharging
  • We identify contract violations
  • We optimize your telecom environment to save money
  • We directly work with vendors and negotiate for better rates
  • We manage a big chunk of your mobile communications lifecycle

Telecom Audit & Optimization

We meticulously track all your telecom expenses and identify the potential areas of improvement so we maydesign a strategy that eventually offers the best solution. OurTelecom Audit & Optimization services will bring a significant change in the total savings of your organization. As far as incorrect billing practices are concerned, ProfitPoint Communications has specialized resources and expertise thatreview your telecommunication bills. We look for inaccuracies and exorbitant rates claimed by your carriers.When overlooked, incorrect bills can make your organization incur enormous losses. Whether due to incorrect billing, under-leveraged services, contract non-compliance, or simple errors; the resulting loss is always significant. However, we help businesses turn all the odds in your favour with our expertise so that you recover these losses, and avoid them in years to come.

With a complete line of TEM services, we support the end-to-endlifecycle of your organization. Whether you are concerned more about the inventory, ordering, billing, payment, invoice validation & management, cost allocation, or any other related workflow; we address every need related to TEM.

We help you pinpoint the exact problem areas in your telecom expenses and know how to optimize them. Our regular audit ensureserror-free billingand appropriate payments, making way for significant savings and better profits thereby, for your organization.

Cut Down On Your Telecom Costs; Increase OverallProductivity

OurTEM servicesare especially designed tohelp you in–

  • Reduce costs by appropriately managing roaming and long distance charges
  • Controlling and reducing your telecom expenseswith proactive management of data, devices, mobile services, and network equipment
  • Reducing complexity through integrated, automated, and streamlined administration of your telecom expenses
  • Gaining credits through electronic invoice acquisition, dispute, and validation of billing errors
  • Managing your telecom environment and reducing the staffing requirements of your organization

We have the expertise and tools to make your telecom management reliable and more affordable, effortlessly. With our easy-to-use and powerful systems, you can now optimize your capabilities while keeping a checkon telecom bills and expenses.The heart of TEM lies in its ability to let you separately allocate the costs – department-wise as well as for the entire company, simultaneously.

ProfitPoint Communications embraces the technology, processes, and resources that are incumbent to best manage an organization’s telecom network. We help you significantly reduce telecom costs and gain better control over your telecom inventory.

If you would like help in implementing aTEM system in your organization, get in touch.