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The Challenge

ProfitPoint was engaged to determine if the existing carrier, plan size and pricing was the best choice in comparison to other options available. The criteria for the review was that there be no downgrading of services and no chance of service interruptions if there were any changes. The UPS Store was also incurring costs with a internet connection that was unused.


The Solution

ProfitPoint was able to work with The UPS store's provider to get details of the services and review their utilization and costs against other plans and options. With no change in carrier and no service disruption, ProfitPoint negotiated a lower rate while also canceling the unused internet connection with no penalty. A total savings of $279 per month was achieved.



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  • It's important to me that I have the best rates and service possible, which is what I thought I had before I received the Savings Solution from ProfitPoint. It's incredible the amount of savings that they helped my business realize... If you think you have the best deal, think again and call ProfitPoint!
    Louis Cilibanov, Owner